Home Aims & Objectives

  • To provide Human Resource Development by Training Rehabilitation Professionals, Village Level Workers, Multi Rehabilitation Workers and other Functionaries in Government and Non-Government Sectors.
  • To Serve as Resource Centre for Rehabilitation and Special Education of Persons with Disabilities.
  • To Establish Linkages with Existing Medical, Educational and Employment Services Following the Principles of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and offer Extension Services in the Rural Area.
  • To Stimulate Growth of Services by encouraging and supporting Volunteer Organizations, Parent Groups and Self Help Groups.
  • To develop Strategies for delivery of Rehabilitation Services Suitable to the Socio-Cultural background of the region
  • To Provide Rehabilitation Services to Persons with Disabilities and to Undertake Designing Fabrication and Fitment of Aids and Appliances
  • To Undertake Research and Development with Special reference to needs of diverse groups of People with Disabilities, keeping in view the nature and Severity of Disability in the Region
  • To Undertake Public Education Programmes for the Creation of Awareness in the Parent and the Community.
  • To Undertake Designing, Fabrication and Fitment of Aids and Appliances
  • To Undertake Services of Education and Skill Development Leading to Enhancement of Opportunities for employment , Rehabilitation , Mobility, Communications ,Recreation and Integration in Society

To achieve its objectives the Institute has seven major Departments/ Sections viz. Academics, Speech & Hearing, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Library & Information Centre, Accounts and Administration.